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Tot Sauce: We Have Lift-Off!

by Amy Nance

I'm sure you guys have totally been on the edges of your seats, so I thought I'd give you a little update. My kid says words now. Real words. With intent. It was a pretty exciting day in the Nance household when my son pointed to the bananas (his favorite food in the whole wide world) and said "Nana!"

Had to let my mother down gently, though. She was confident that when he said "Nana" he was talking about her. Sorry, mom. But in the ongoing battle between fruit and grandma, fruit nearly always wins.

Anyway, I remember someone saying that once he did start talking, the floodgates would open and all of a sudden he'd have all kinds of words down. That person was right. I am happy to report that the following words are now part of his expanding repertoire:

Bubba (bubbles)
OHHHH (hello)
AYYYYY (like The Fonz)
MWAH (when he blows kisses)

Some of those are pretty weird, but I'll take it. I'm just thankful his first word wasn't some expletive as I had naturally assumed it would be based on my colorful vocabulary.

How about you guys? Any funny and/or weird first-ish words to share?