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Tot Sauce: Picky Eaters

by Amy Nance


I'm often surprised by the things my son will and won't eat. When he was first starting solid foods, he loved avocado. Now he bats it away or spits it out. But then I made chicken enchiladas the other night. I always offer him a little of what I've made for us, just to see if he'll eat it. To my surprise, he gobbled up the chicken enchiladas with enthusiasm.

Though he definitely does have his favorites (I swear this kid would hock a kidney to score a banana), I'm fortunate in that he's a pretty good all-around eater. Still, I do on occasion find myself falling into the "short-order cook" category discussed in this article, "Feeding Toddlers: 8 Common Mistakes Parents Make."

So what about you? Do you have a picky eater on your hands? How do you handle it?