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Tot Sauce: And We're Back

by Amy Nance

Hey everyone! It's been awhile. Lots of new things going on in this neck of the woods. My son officially transitioned from the infant to the toddler room at daycare. Big, exciting stuff, I tell ya. He's 15 months old and into everything. Still not saying a word, though. Well, nothing intelligible at least. There may have been a "dog" once or twice, but not sure. I think he might also be trying to say, "bye bye."

At his one year appointment, his pediatrican seemed concerned that he wasn't saying real words with intent behind them. Like he'll say "ma ma" and "da da" but not really AT us. But he babbles A LOT. He's constantly chattering away, like he's having a conversation but without saying actual words.

People have told me that, one day out of nowhere, he'll start talking in full phrases. I'm still waiting. I know that kids do things in their own time on their own terms. I also realize that it's very unlikely that he'll be 20 years old and still talking gibberish. But at what point should I be concerned that he's not reaching his developmental milestones?

When did your kids start talking? Was it later or earlier than "normal" or was it right on track?