Don’t Push Me

These fingers, they’re going to push buttons. That’s why I gotta make sure they’ve got the right buttons to push.

If I give these fingers a minute of free time, they’re off and looking for buttons to push. Remote control buttons, stereo buttons, microwave buttons, they’ll push anything. They’re hell in an elevator, and they seem to just know the codes to all sorts of random keypads. That’s how I ended up getting into that warehouse and seeing those secret files that I wasn’t supposed to see, which is why I’m on the run from General Trebbins’ goons, who I am constantly having to outsmart using my teenaged outside-the-box thinking, astronomically high IQ, and all these mind powers that I have after picking up that strange rock with the inscriptions about “power” and “justice.”

But hey, that’s not important. What it’s important is that I’m getting into less trouble now that I’ve got this Zeus Console Handheld Plug & Play Video Game. It’s pocket-sized so I can bring it anywhere, and with 20 games across many different genres, my button-pushing fingers can keep busy for hours. In fact, my fingers are so smart that I don’t even need to look down at the 2.5” TFT Super V LCD high definition color screen or plug headphones into the 3.5mm Standard Earphone Jack; my fingers just plug away while I keep my eyes out for SUVs with tinted windows or men in black suits with ear pieces.

Now, if only I could get up the nerve to ask out the girl of my dreams, a seemingly atypical cheerleader with a surprisingly tender and artistic side.

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Warranty: 90 Day Lexibook

Condition: New

Recommended Ages: 5 Years and Up


  • Play this handheld pocket-sized console with a high resolution color screen that can be connected to the TV through the included AV Cable
  • 20 games to cater to all tastes and moods: sports, action, combat, brain teasers and many more
  • Pocket-sized for easy transport
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • 2 play modes: handheld game unit or plugged into home television via the included AV Cable
  • 2.5” TFT Super V LCD high definition color screen
  • 16-bit technology graphics
  • 3.5mm Standard Earphone Jack
  • Includes Lanyard
  • Requires (3) AAA batteries (not included)

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4.5” L x 2.75” W x 1” H
  • Weight: 0.10 lb
  • Requires (3) AAA batteries (not included)
  • AV Adapter Cable: 80” long

Game Titles

  • Make Way:
    - You must eliminate the obstacles to open a road to the rabbit so it can go home
  • Tiger Rescue:
    - An enemy has invaded your country, their force is too great, your only chance is to choose 1 of 4 secret, experimental planes and get started
  • Deep Storm:
    - You are the commander of a fighter in the midst of a battle and you must destroy your enemy’s fleet
  • Pool Pro:
    - Play pool!
  • Pinball Fish:
    - Use the blue bar to bounce the ball and capture schools of beautiful fish – scoop up the bonus icons when they appear
  • Magic Jelly
    - Use the magic ball to change all diamond colors with the magic bomb
  • Dream Bubble
    - Bubbles fall and stack up, pop them before the screen gets full
  • Plumber
    - The plumber has to reach the end point to get the key, avoiding all traps
  • Seek the Resources
    - Pick up all of your enemies’ resources – be careful of the bullets and traps
  • The Lost World
    - Dodge the attack from the enemy, search for escape, collect all diamonds and keys
  • Final Escape
    - Help the crocodile eliminate all the enemies, search for food under boxes, blow-up bricks by pushing two together
  • Lucky Que
    - Puzzle game, fill the picture with different shape pieces or create your own!
  • Caddie
    - Eliminate all balls to advance to next level
  • Get the Meat
    - Hungry caveman has to find food while dodging the attack from wild animals
  • Super Move Quest
    - There are several types of objects, move them so that any 3 or more of the same objects are connected in a straight line
  • Find the Way
    - The baby lost his way; the brave dog is leading him to go home. They will get across the forest and grassland. But there are many obstacles blocking them help them get home!
  • Busy Bong:
    - Build horizontal bubble rows using the falling bubbles
  • Jewel Fever 2:
    - Help Mr Stubbs, the fun-loving pirate, to collect gems
  • Mr Onion:
    - Mr Onion must collect all the keys to free his girlfriend who is trapped in a cage at the top of the path
  • Bubble Blaster:
    - Balls of different colors move along the spiral track, you must destroy them before they reach the center

In the box:

  • (1) Lexibook IG900US Zeus Console Handheld Plug and Play Video Game
  • (1) AV Cable
  • (1) Lanyard
  • Instruction Manual


Lexibook IG900US Zeus Console Plug and Play Video Game, Dual-Mode, 2.5” TFT LCD, 16-bit, 20 Games

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