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The Robot Who'd Had Enough

Once upon a time, there was a robot. We'll call him, oh I dunno, FROBO. Anyway, one day FROBO went to live with a family on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Everyone in the family had a job. The dad's job was to go to his high-profile lawyer gig and make a lot of money. The mom's job was to do pilates and get Botox injections. FROBO's job was to read stories to their adorable toe-headed daughter whose job was, apparently, to take out her frustrations of being left alone with the nanny every day by hitting, kicking and spitting on FROBO. 

Then one day, FROBO decided he'd had enough of being hit, kicked and spit on. So while the family was asleep that night, FROBO set fire to the living room rug and waited patiently to be free. Nothing bad happened, of course, because the luxury condominium that the family lived in was equipped with sprinklers, which is something that FROBO had not anticipated. Now he just bides his time. Watching, and waiting for the perfect moment.


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