There's a lot going on in these books.

Thanks everyone for coming! I hope you've all poured yourself a glass of wine! Thanks to heather for bringing that. Now, Janet, since you chose the book for this week--180 Days of Math, an... interesting choice for an adult book club--why don't you get us started.

"Of course, of course. Well, for starters as I'm sure everyone noticed, this is a really innovative work of fiction. Like, there were times when I would actually forget about the subtextual frame narrative and think that I was actually a children's workbook!"

I'm sorry, subtextual frame narrative?

"Yeah, with Pierre the math tutor and Nolette and her jealous husband, Ralph!"


"Wait, seriously? Did you guys not pick up on the whole 180 day affair?"

The... affair?

"Yeah, the affair! Between Pierre and Nolette! All his love letters disguised as math exercises for Cee-Cee, Nolette and Ralph's daughter. I mean, they get pretty raunchy, if you read between the lines, huh?"

I guess maybe some of us... missed that...

"But you picked up on the murder trial, right?"


"Or what about the scene where Pierre and Nolette steal into the pantry for a sultry kiss while Ralph and his billiards club friends sing college fight songs in the other room?"

I don't remember reading anything about that.

"Well, it's not in the book, per se; it's the meaning underneath that matters most."

Oh, huh.

"Seriously, you guys should go back and read it again. It's one of the most tender love stories I've ever read. And so sad. But also joyful."

Okay, next week, same book, how does that sound?

"Sounds good to me! But right now, I could use a refill. Someone pass the pinot?"

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