Today's Woot Write-up

Even your friendly neighborhood hero needs a break once in awhile.

"Oh my gods! It's really you! You're ... "

Heracles. I know.

"Wow, mister. You're a lot bigger than I expected."

I get that a lot.

"Hey, will you sign my club?"

Listen, kid. It's my day off and ...

"Oh yeah. Labor Day. I thought only humans took that day off."

Well, I am half human.

"Yeah. OK. Sorry to bother you. Bye, I guess."

<sigh> Fine. I'll sign your club.

"Gee whiz! Thanks mister Heracles. Can you write, 'To Alastor from your biggest fan. You are way awesomer than any of your dumb brothers, especially Nestor.'?" 

I tell you what, kid. How about I just sign my name and we'll be done with it.

"Oh. Well. If you're too busy being a big shot hero, I guess I could always just go ask Perseus instead."

Hey! I got a fun idea. How about we ride the seesaw together?

"Oh boy! That'd be swell!"

Great. You get on first and tell me when you're ready and then I'll get on.


Fantastic. I'll just go ahead and sit right ... HERE!


"AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh ..."

See you on Olympus, kid.



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