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Jake's List

Babies are like gourmets: they prefer slow-heated to microwaved. To babies, a bottle warmer kit is like a coal-fired pizza oven: always the sign of a classy joint.

Jake’s List Of Things Mommy Says I Have To Write Down And Remember:

40: The bottle warmer is for the babies who come to visit, like Gavin or Bristol. Not for me.

41: Just because it is a cow print, that does not mean it is appropriate to make jokes like "that bottle is udderly ridiculous" no matter how many times Daddy says it's a good joke.

42: It's probably best to not trust Daddy at all when it comes to humor.

43: The warming pads are for giving bottles a slow, even heat to help them reach a tepid state perfect for babies, but are not to be used for melting chocolate chip cookies.

44: I will never try to give a chocolate chip cookie to a baby even if it does go well with milk.

45: When I see "BPA free" I should not focus on just the word free.

46: The situation with Tibet is complex and not something I should just joke about because I saw it on TV that one time.

47: Ten hours of warming is useful for the baby, however, if I want to time something, I should just go look at a clock.

48: I will never again ask if I can time how long it takes the baby to fall off the couch "to learn about physics" even if I am planning to drop him onto a cushion.

48a: However, I did the right thing by asking before I tried, and that is the only reason I'm not in big trouble.

49: Next time Gavin comes over, I have to do what Olivia says until he leaves.

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Warmze On the Fly bottle warmers are a simple solution for heating baby's bottle. Perfect for air travel, car trips, game days, shopping - anytime you are on the go!  And they work with most brands of bottles such as AVENT™, GentleFlow™ from Gerber™ and BornFree™.

  • Warming pads use air-activated technology to deliver a slow even heat
  • Your bottle will warm to the perfect tepid temperature, between 90 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Tepid bottles mimic a mother's breast milk temperature and are naturally easier for a to digest
  • Warm formula or breast milk retain nutrients better when warmed with a slow even heat
  • Works equally well with breast milk, formula, and milk
  • Works with most bottle brands, glass, stainless, BPA free plastics, and sippy cups
  • 10 hours of warming makes it great for travel, shopping, parks, sporting events and more for a full day of multiple feedings

View this product video for more information

Small Warmze - On The Fly Bottle Warmer Starter Kit:

  • Fits 4-6 oz bottles
  • Starter kit includes a cow print BottleSoc, and 3 small 10-hour warming pads

Large Warmze - On The Fly Bottle Warmer Starter Kit:

  • Fits 8-11 oz bottles
  • Starter kit includes a cow print BottleSoc, and 3 large 10-hour warming pads

Warmze - On The Fly Warming Pad Refill Kit (Choose Large or Small):

  • For use with Small or Large WarmZe BottleSoc (sold separately)
  • Takes just 30 minutes to reach maximum warming temp
  • Refill pack includes 6 10-Hour warming wraps
  • No batteries, boiling water, car charger or electric outlet needed
  • Warming pads are disposable and eco-friendly

Warming Pad Directions:

  1. Open the plastic wrap and expose warmer to air to activate.
  2. Pull the outer layer of BottleSOC up and wrap the warmer around the inside layer. Pull outer layer over warmer.
  3. Warmer intended to warm contents to 90-104 degrees Farenheit, the temperature of mothers breast milk, tepid.
  4. Warmer takes up to 30 minutes to reach maximum temperature.
  5. Warmer provides constant heat for up to 10 hours.
  6. Will thaw and warm breast milk, formula and milk.
Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Small Starter Kit
Fits Bottle Sizes: 4-6 oz.
Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 1.5"
Large Starter Kit
Fits Bottle Sizes: 8-11 oz. (4-5 oz wide mouth bottles)
Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 1.5"
Refill Kits
Warming Time: 30 Minutes
Warming Duration: 10 Hours
Warming Temperature: 90 - 104 Degrees Fahrenheit
Warming Pad Temperature: 122 Degrees Fahrenheit (Average)

In the Box:

Choose from the following starter kits or refill packs

Small Warmze - On The Fly Bottle Warmer Starter Kit includes:

  • (1) Small Cow Print BottleSoc
  • (3) Small On The Fly Bottle Warming Pads

~ Or ~

Large Warmze - On The Fly Bottle Warmer Starter Kit includes:

  • (1) Large Cow Print BottleSoc
  • (3) Large On The Fly Bottle Warming Pads

~ Or ~

On The Fly Warming Pad Refill Kit Choose (Choose Large or Small) includes:

  • (6) Small On The Fly Bottle Warming Pads

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