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What's that? Your kid doesn't speak Klingon? Typical.

As Chancellor Gorkon once said, "'u', 'oH-choH (The Universe, it is a-changin')." Pretty soon, being bilingual or even trilingual won't be enough. How do you expect children to navigate successfully outside their galaxy if they can't even speak an alien language?

Don't worry. It's not too late. Get these Star Trek Mr. Potato Head 2-packs as conversation starters, then start with the basics.

For instance, Captain Kirk Potato could say to Commander Kor Potato, "Where is the bathroom?" (nuqDap 'oH puchpa'e'?) And Commander Kor Potato could reply, "vI'ogh Saw 'ech Da poS." (Down the hall to the left.)

And when Commander Kor Potato tries to make a move on Lt. Uhura Potato by saying, "QI'yaH bangwI'. ridge QuchwIj Hot vIneH?" (Hey baby. Wanna touch my ridged forehead?)" Commander Spock Potato could give him the Vulcan nerve pinch, which is basically him saying, "Step off my woman, yo." ( mIw DoH be' yo).

So there you have it. Star Trek Potato Heads. Fun AND educational!

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Recommended Ages: 3+ Years

Choose from two detailed Star Trek themed Mr. Potato Head sets and express your true Trekkie nature the best way possibly, through potatoes.

Klingon Translation: wutlh vo' cha' detail Hov trek themed mr. Potato nach HIjmeH je teH trekkie tlhoQ neHqu' vIHutlh mIw possibly vegh patat 'oQqarmey/

Captain Kirk and Klingon Commander Kor

  • Captain Kirk features the classic yellow original series Starfleet uniform, phaser, and spud smirk, unflappable in the face of danger

Klingon Translation: classic SuD original series 'ejyo' HIp, pu'HIchmey, 'ej loQ spud mon, unflappable in the face of Qob features SuvwI' HoD qIrq

  • Commander Kor features traditional Klingon warrior garb and commander's sash, and he is armed with a Klingon disruptor. His intimidating stare is meant to bring fear and respect to his name

Klingon Translation: yoDSutmey tuQ ra'wI' qor features potlhmeyDaq tlhIngan SuvwI' garb ra'wI' Ha'quj, 'ej ghaH tlhIngan nISwI'. Hech tInmo' 'ej ghIjmo' betleH stare jISuvvIpbe' qem 'ej pongDaj vuv

Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura

  • Commander Spock giving the traditional Vulcan salute to "Live long, and prosper. He's wearing a classic science officer's Starfleet uniform, and holding a communicator

Klingon Translation: "qaStaHvIS yIn, 'ej leS puS ghaytan jIchegh van ra'wI' spock vulqangan potlhmeyDaq nob. classic QeDpIn 'ejyo' HIp tuQ, 'ej QumwI' 'uch

  • The lovely Lt. Uhura wears a red uniform and eye makeup and her iconic hairdo. She has a communications earpiece is also equipped with a tricorder for reading of anomalies on the fly

Klingon Translation: ghobe'-Qovpatlh tlhIH yIvbeH mInDu' 'ej makeup hairdo iconic 'ej tuQ SuvwI' mInDu'wIjvaD neH SoH lt. uhura. QumpIn je equipped earpiece je Hoqra' anomalies puv reading ghaj ghaH

* Klingon translation provided by Bing Translator

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Star Trek Mr. Potato Head
Spud Dimensions 5.5" H x 4.5" W x 3.5" D
Package Dimensions: 10.5" L x 7.5" H x 4.5" D
Country of Origin: China

In the Box:

  • (1) Star Trek Mr. Potato Head 2-Pack - Captain Kirk and Klingon Kor

~ OR ~

  • (1) Star Trek Mr. Potato Head 2-Pack - Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura

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