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Your kids want stuff. No, really, they do. Ask 'em "Do you guys want stuff?" and they'll yell back YEAAAAH! and then maybe throw in a "But it's good stuff, right?" And that's where you, the parent, come into play.

It's your job to find some good stuff and pass it along to the teeny types who don't know any better. Then they can smash it and tear and it feed it to a goat (how did that even get in your yard, anyway?) and demand more stuff. It's an endless cycle and the only thing that saves you from a pauper's grave is the though that one day you'll be mooching off them. And also, these Woot-offs.

Take this opportunity to stock up on the things your kids need and hide them in the drawer where you keep the broccoli. They'll never go in THERE, right?

Of course, the goat might. Maybe you should pick up a lock while you're thinking about it. Or call a goat exterminator. Whatever works for you.

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Recommended Ages: 3+ Years

This educational bundle is great for any young Sesame Street fan, and includes the following:

What Did Elmo Say Die-Cut Board Book & Read Along CD

  • Elmo and Zoe are meeting at the park to play ball at two
  • Each time Elmo runs into his friends along the way, they each hear Elmo a little differently

Sesame Street Wipe-Off Workbooks:  Write with Elmo & Count with the Count!

  • Sesame Street wipe-off workbooks are a fun, reusable way to learn
  • Ideal for allowing children to repeat an exercise for fun or to erase a mistake
  • In Write with Elmo your child will begin to master important early writing skills, such as pencil control and top to bottom and left to right progression
  • Count with the Count! includes activities that will help your child learn basic math skills such as counting and writing numbers, identifying and tracing shapes, and recognizing patterns.
  • The "Explore More" feature in both books includes easy-to-do home activities to extend learning in practical ways with Sesame Street friends
  • Each book includes a bonus crayon

Sesame Street Flash Cards: ABC's &  Numbers 1-20

  • Sesame Street flash cards are just the thing for parents to use to practice key concepts with their children
  • The ABC flash cards will help your child learn to identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  • The Numbers 1-20 flash cards will help your child develop counting and number recognition skills and give them practice ordering numbers
  • Two parent cards in each set offer lots of additional activities and games you can play with your child to extend learning in practical ways

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


What Did Elmo Say Die-Cut Board Book & Read Along CD
Dimensions: 11" H x 7.375" W
Pages: 16
Wipe-Off Workbooks
Dimensions: 10.8"  x 8.3" x 0.3"
Pages: 16
Flash Cards Sets
Dimensions: 4.9" x 3.6" x 0.6"
Flash Cards: 48
Parent Cards: 2

Twin Sisters Productions Sesame Street Educational Bundle-TW1154 includes:

  • (1) What Did Elmo Say Die-Cut Board Book & Read Along CD - TW1070CD ELMO
  • (1) Sesame Street Wipe-Off Workbooks:  Write with Elmo
  • (1) Sesame Street Wipe-Off Workbooks:  Count with the Count!
  • (1) Sesame Street Flash Cards: ABC's
  • (1) Sesame Street Flash Cards: Numbers 1-20

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