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Use this baby monitor to hear what your baby does when you aren't paying attention. Or maybe let them listen in on you, so they'll know how cool you are and be jealous.

"Of course," Tim said. "Absolutely," Tim said. "I'll be happy to come over to your house and watch her, Jessica," Tim said. But Michelle knew what he really was after.

"As long as she doesn't catch you," she whispered in Tim's ear as he prepared to leave, "I can pretend I don't know anything about it."

The moment Jessica was gone, Tim turned on the Pure Sounds Audio Monitor. And took his records from the trunk.

"Hey, hey! It's a bright and shining day here at MOBI, filling a 600 foot area with soul and rock in stere-ah! My name's Howlin' Mad Tim and I'm here playing the best hits of FOREVER for you, the baby in the crib down the hall. If you hear anything you don't like, just cry out, because otherwise, I'm playing my own requests today! First up, here's a classic hit from when I was your age: it's The Floaters with Float On!"

Tim dropped the needle and ran down the hall. Bristol was in the crib, staring her half of the Pure Sounds Audio Monitor. Tim scooped her up and used his normal voice.

"Oh, honey! Didn't that DJ have the best patter? I bet he had a great college career, didn't he? Oh, I listed to him all the time, you would have loved that show where he mixed Public Enemy and Paul Hardcastle. Some people said it didn't work, but what did they know, right, Bristol?"

Bristol wiggled when Tim came between her and the Pure Sounds Audio Monitor. Tim understood.

"Sorry, baby, sorry. I know, this song's just so pretty, isn't it? Tell you what, I'm going to go into the kitchen and grab a snack, then I'll come back and see how you're doing. If you need anything, just cry out and I'll hear you, thanks to the Pure Sounds Audio Monitor. And maybe, if you're lucky, that DJ will play something by The Jimmy Castor Bunch next."

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  • Uses the latest wireless technology, offering private, static-free 2.4GHz operation
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry within a wide, 600 foot area, which is especially important in today’s active households packed with wireless devices
  • Pure Sounds™ technology allows the sound signals to penetrate walls and travel through floors and ceilings
  • Auto VOX mode automatically goes on Mute and turns back on as soon as there is noise in baby’s room
  • Environmentally friendly with its built-in rechargeable battery for the monitor
  • Low battery & out-of-range alerts
  • Belt clip included for the receiver
  • User's Manual available here

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Mobi


Digital Audio Monitor
Wireless Signal: 2.4 GHz
Range: 600 ft.
Transmitter Power: A/C Adaptor
Receiver Power: Rechargeable Battery
Battery Type: NIMH

In the Box:

  • (1) Mobi Pure Sounds Wireless Digital Audio Monitor #70290
  • (1) Portable Receiver Unit
  • (1) Transmitter Power Cord
  • (1) Receiver Power Cable
  • (1) Rechargeable Battery Pack

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