Night Rider

Bedtime is “non-negotiable”? I say we let the courts decide that.

Ah, good. Your parents have arrived, Timmy. Now remember, I’m your attorney, so let me do the talking.

Mr. and Mrs. Owens! How nice to see you again! You have no idea how much it pleased my client and I to learn you finally decided to join us at the negotiation table. Now then, shall we get started? We’d like you to take a look at a very small, very fair list of things we’d like the two of you to consider going into these talks. I’d like to point out that, right off the bat, we’ve agreed to your insistence that bedtime be at the same time every night. My client and I both hope that you’ll keep this show of good faith in mind as we proceed.

1. The period of time known as “Bedtime” shall begin no later than 7:30PM, as agreed upon by both parties, the “Child” and the “Parents.” At no time will the Child have a later Bedtime unless a) the Parents have deemed it so, or b) the Grandparents have invoked their “Spoilage” right over the Child. Should the Child attempt to be put to bed later by way of trickery, whining, or other means, all of the following conditions will be made Void.

2. All Bedtime attire, henceforth known as “Jammies,” should feature a dinosaur or robot somewhere on the front. Should the Jammies feature a dinosaur, the Child requests that that dinosaur be carnivorous in nature because they are way cooler.

3. At the beginning of Bedtime, a Parent will read a Story of the Child’s choosing to him for a period of time equal to or greater than thirty minutes. This Story will include character voices, sound effects, and the acting out of specific scenes as the Child sees fit. Should the Story conclude before the pre-requisite thirty minutes has passed, the aforementioned Parent shall REPEAT the reading of the Story in exactly the same way it was previously performed.

4. Upon conclusion of “Storytime,” a thorough inspection of all shadows, dark closets, and areas under the bed will be made by one or both Parents to ensure the Child’s safety from all Monsters, Demons, Creeping Things, Night Terrors, etc. This inspection will continue until the Child is certain that all possible hiding places have been carefully checked.

5. All lullabies and evening music will be played through a Mobi Headphonies Designer Micro Speaker of the “Striker” variety. This limited-edition portable speaker will not only provide clear bass and frequency response without the tinny distortion when connected to a media playing device, but it will also stand guard over the Child during the night, protecting him with various “soccer-type” powers as given to it by the Child’s imagination.

6. All requests for glasses of water made by the Child will be fulfilled by the Parents regardless of the time, no questions asked.

I’d say that pretty much does it for our side. Do keep in mind, however, this contract does not include events such as birthdays and holidays. Also, we’ll want to discuss the end date for this particular contract so that we may renegotiate terms as Timmy here becomes a Big Boy.

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Warranty: 90 Day Mobi

Condition: New


  • Limited-edition, collectible, portable speaker with a unique style and trendy design inspired by urban vinyl
  • Compact, durable, and USB-powered for easy portability
  • The Striker Headphonies figure has an attitude that’s ideal for soccer enthusiasts, it has a soccer ball for a head and is dressed in a Team USA jersey
  • At 3 inches tall and weighing only 4 ounces, Headphonies are compact enough to fit into your pocket or handbag
  • Each Headphonies figure has a round speaker grille on the back of its head, concealing the speaker underneath
  • Amplified DSP (digital signal processor) circuitry, the loudspeaker provides clear bass and frequency response, pumping out your music in tight detail, without the tinny distortion that usually plagues portable speakers
  • You also have the option of linking two Headphonies together with an audio splitter (sold separately) to achieve true stereo sound
  • As long as you have an MP3 player or other mobile device, you’ll be able to play back your music wherever you go – whether you’re on the road, at your desk, or in the company of friends
  • The Striker Headphonies speaker is compatible with a variety of mobile gadgets, including iPods, iPhones, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and more
  • To save on energy, Headphonies automatically power down when not in use
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to six hours on a one-hour charge


  • Headphonies Wins the 2010 CES Innovations Award

In the box:

  • Mobi 70135 Headphonies Designer Micro Speaker – Striker
  • Clip-on Tether
  • USB Charging Cord (10.75 inches)
  • Audio Input Cord (16 inches)
  • Product Instructions


Mobi 70135 Headphonies Designer Micro Speaker – Striker

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