Show Off

Everybody who's anybody rides in one of these.

When Tim pulled up in the driveway, he noticed that Ken Anders, his annoyingly competitive neighbor, was out front with his son Mike. From the back seat, Jake shot him a knowing look.

Tim unfastened his seatbelt and shouted "Every man for himself!" before booking it to the house.

"No fair!" yelled Jake. But he was too slow.

"Hey Cooper!" Jake heard Mike yell from across the yard. He turned slowly to face Mike, but not before shooting an angry look at Tim who was pointing and laughing at Jake from the front stoop.

"What do you want, Anders?" replied Jake.

"I see you just crawled out of that sad hand-me-down carseat. Why don't you come over so I can show you what a REAL big kid rides in?"

"No thanks, I have to uh …"

But before Jake could think up a good enough excuse, Mike said, "Whatsamatter, Cooper? You been sitting in your sister's seat so long you're turning INTO a GIRL?"

Jake knew he shouldn't take the bait, but no one called him a girl. NO ONE.

"Alright, Anders. Just show me this stupid car seat already."

But as soon as he opened the car door, Jake gasped. The fact of the matter was, it wasn't a stupid car seat at all. It was a Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro, the Tonka truck of car seats. And this baby was stocked.

"So you'll see right here we've got the SIP and KSA, that's Superior Side Impact Protection and Kiddy Shock Absorber," Mike explained.

"I know what it means!" Jake snapped.

"…the Kiddy K-fix Connectors, Integrated Diagonal Belt Guide and Handy Retraction Mechanism," Mike continued, undeterred.

"Big deal!" Jake lied.

"And right here … do you know what this is?" Mike said smugly.

Of course Jake knew. But he did his best to act unimpressed.

"This is genuine, authentic Breathable Thermotex Fabric. And you know what that means?" Mike said even more smugly than before if that was possible.

"Hmph," Jake huffed and crossed his arms defiantly.

"It means, Cooper, that while your butt is getting sticky and sweaty on the next hot summer day, mine will be relishing the comfortable seating environment and increased air circulation afforded it by this innovative material."

"Well … I'm still better than you at Legos!" Jake yelled before turning sharply on his heel and walking away.

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Recommended Ages: 4 - 12 Years

  • This seat was designed with maximum safety standards in mind
  • It grows with your child and connects to any vehicle by use of seatbelt or equipped with the LATCH system
  • For more information about the LATCH system check out this article here

Safety Features

  • Superior Side Impact Protection (SIP) - The head and shoulder areas on children are especially vulnerable since the head is still relatively heavy compared to the rest of the body. With the use of high-performance materials (tested to European standards) in the head and shoulder areas, this important zone is particularly well protected. The shoulder design are also shaped specifically to provide the best protection in the event of a crash
  • Kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA) - For the first time a children’s car seat has taken proven ‘crumple zone’ technology from the car industry to make an even safer car seat for older children. The KSA is situated on both sides of the seat shell. Your vehicle's seatbelt rests against the KSA when installed properly. In the event of a collision the force of impact is transferred into the KSA and deforms the special crumple zone materials inside. No other car seat manufacturer offers this fantastic new feature which is patented by Kiddy

Comfort Features

  • Kiddy K-fix Connectors - Provide an easy connection to the vehicle's LATCH system located between the seat back and seat cushion. Including a detailed list of vehicle types the system is compatible with
  • Integrated Diagonal Belt Guide - Allows the vehicle seatbelt to be positioned properly across your child’s chest and collar bone. The seatbelt position is critical to your child’s safety
  • Handy Retraction Mechanism - Lets you hide the Kiddy K-fix connectors easily in case of use a vehicle without the LATCH system
  • Easy Adjustment -  The unique adjustment mechanism design allows for the height and width of the seat to be altered with just one squeeze off a hand. This seat is versatile for children of all sizes. Having your child fit properly and comfortably gives parents peace of mind and children a pleasant ride
  • Breathable Thermotex Fabric - Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting in sticky, sweaty clothes on a hot summer day. We have introduced our Breathable Thermotex fabric to specific areas of our seats to increase air circulation. This material ensures a comfortable seating environment
  • Comfortable Armrests - Contours the body in its natural shape to help make for a more enjoyable journey

View this product video for a visual guide

View a PDF version of the manual here

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 1 Year Kiddy USA


Cruiser Fix Pro Car Seat
Seat Manufacture Date: March 2012
Seat Expiration Date: March 2019
Recommended Weight Range: 33 to 100 lbs
Recommended Height Range: 38 to 60 inches
Cover Care Instructions: Machine wash cold / mild soap / delicate cycle
Car Seat Color: Walnut

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  • (1) Kiddy USA Cruiser Fix Pro Car Seat 51-520-cf-088 - Walnut

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