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There are two distinct schools of thought regarding the Autumn and childhood. One school of thought says that children must be thought of constantly! And that each season must be full of new toys and clothes and ways to have fun! While the other school of thought says that summer's the time for kids to have fun, and any other time is just for buying cheap stuff with the goal of playing with it next summer.

As always, we take the middle path.

So please enjoy, rival schools, knowing that you can buy fun, more-summery stuff at a low price and then use it later and also buy neat, autumny stuff that can be used the second it arrives.


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Recommended Ages: See "Specs" tab for comprehensive breakdown of each subject by age

This educational bundle is great for any youngster who is eager to lean and includes the following:

Four 50-Pack Flash Card Sets

  • Each set contains 50 flash cards
  • Flash cards are just the thing for parents to use to practice key concepts with their children
  • The Alphabet flash cards will help your child learn to identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  • The Numbers 1-20 flash cards will help your child develop counting and number recognition skills and give them practice ordering numbers
  • Sight Words flash cards have words that a reader should recognize instantly. Most of these words are not decodable, because you can’t sound them out
  • The Phonics flash cards includes cards for each consonant including the hard and soft sound of /c/ and /g/ and cards for both short and long vowels. Additional games and ideas help kids master basic phonetic skills
  • Each pack includes 2 parent cards that offer lots of additional activities and games you can play with your child to extend learning in practical ways
  • As a BONUS each flash card pack comes with a FREE downloadable song from:

Wipe-Clean Workbooks - 3 Subjects

  • Wipe-clean workbooks are a fun, reusable way to learn
  • Ideal for allowing children to repeat an exercise for fun or to erase a mistake
  • Numbers includes activities that will help your child learn basic math skills such as counting and writing numbers, identifying and tracing shapes, and recognizing patterns.
  • Addition lets them the facts of addition broken down by Facts 1 and 2, Facts 3 and 4, Facts 5, 6 and 7, Facts of 8, 9, 10 and 11, and Doubles! Test what they have learned with two time tests, each with 25 questions
  • In Phonics learn important pre-reading skills by breaking the secret alphabet code, learning beginning and ending consonant sounds and identifying short and long vowel words

48-Page Activity Books & CD - 4 Subjects

  • Each subject has a 48-page full-color workbook with tons of learning activities
  • Each book also includes a music CD features 12 fun learning songs!
  • With the Alphabet book your child can practice identifying, tracing and writing each letter of the alphabet
  • Learn the alphabet, initial consonant sounds, vowel sounds, consonant blends, rhyming words, and more in the Phonics workbook
  • The Preschool workbook teaches the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase letters, initial consonant sounds, numbers to 10, shapes and colors and more!
  • The Kindergarten activity book has lessons for learning uppercase and lowercase letters, beginning letter sounds, 40 sight words, numbers 1 to 20, counting sets, shapes and patterns, animals and their sounds, when to call 9-1-1, and more!

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Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Subjects / Titles & Age Ranges
1 yr 2 yrs 3 yrs 4 yrs 5+ yrs
        Sight Words
Flash Cards Sets
Dimensions: 5.3" L x 3.6" W
Flash Cards: 48
Parent Cards: 2
Wipe-Off Workbooks
Dimensions: 8.5"  x 11" L
Pages: 11
Activity Books & CD
Dimensions: 11" L x  8.5" W
Pages: 48
# of CD Tracks 12 (per subject)

Twin Sisters Productions Early Learning Bundle - TW6192 includes:

  • (1) Alphabet 50 ct Flash Cards - TW4039
  • (1) Numbers 1-20 50 ct Flash Cards - TW4040
  • (1) Sight Words 50 ct Flash Cards - TW4049
  • (1) Phonics 50 ct Flash Cards - TW4043
  • (1) Numbers Wipe-Clean Workbook - TW1234
  • (1) Addition Wipe-Clean Workbook - TW1225
  • (1) Phonics Wipe-Clean Workbook - TW1235
  • (1) Alphabet Activity Book & CD - TW363CD
  • (1) Phonics Activity Book & CD - TW364CD
  • (1) Preschool Activity Book & CD - TW361CD
  • (1) Kindergarten Activity Book & CD - TW362CD

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