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This is LITERALLY the cheapest way to get all the items offered in this outstandingly impressive bundle. Which means it's the best way to film your movie, the greatest low-budget pic in history.

Imagine it: it's 1989. A young, innocent you buys a ticket with a feeling of excitement. The movie is Cyborg with the up-and-coming action star Jean-Claude Van Damme. It promises excitement, glory, adventure, and also, one would assume, a super-tough cyborg.

Imagine your disappointment when it turns out the cyborg is the love interest and Van Damme doesn't really do anything but walk.

Those are the eyes through which you should be seeing the Jakks Pacific Hi-Def Action Cam bundle here today. The eyes of a young person who would choose seeing their best friend kick-flip into a pond over a well written historical drama. The eyes that want to see themselves throwing pinecones at an oak tree while screaming "DIE YOU MOTHER!" instead of watching the subtleties of Ridley Scott's chiaroscuro. The eyes that read the words "720p video resolution" and "included 2GB SD Card" and "Helmet Mount With Secure Strap" and think "this is exactly how Johnny Knoxville became famous." Let us tell you, to those eyes, the Jakks Pacific Hi-Def Action Cam is a MIRACLE GIVEN FORM.

No script. No rehearsals. No "fix it in post" nonsense. The Jakks Pacific Hi-Def Action Cam gives you the HD experience AS IT HAPPENS. If you fall, it falls. True, it has a Click & Grip Protective Case your body doesn't have, but you know the rule, right? "If it bleeds, it takes in an extra 3.5 million at the box office!" And an extra 3.5 million can pay for a lot of health coverage.

Go on, look down the list of nominated movies this year. Then look at YOUR list of movies you enjoyed. Any overlap? What's that? Silver Lining Playbook and nothing else? That's exactly right. Now you understand why you should be paying attention to the three different mounts you'll be getting. Michael Bay doesn't even film with three different mounts.

Look, don't buy the Jakks Pacific Hi-Def Action Cam for yourself, or your kids, or their friends. Buy it for the little boy who, back in 1989, just wanted to see a Cyborg punch something ... and never did. Buy it because you know that talking is for radio, while action is for cinema. Buy it because it will help you make the world a better place- by showing it excitement.

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Watch Woot Customer "doc20002001" Risk Life and Limb to Test the Action Shot HD Cam

Woot Exclusive

We're offering an Exclusive Bundle with the HD version of the Action Shot camera and all the best accessories you'd have to buy separately, for one great low price - ONLY ON WOOT!

  • The video camera's small and unique form factor is versatile enough for any type of action shots
  • One touch Rec/Stop button to start recording video or snap pictures as you go
  • 1280 x 720p resolution will give your videos a crisp and clear look
  • Offers 30 FPS in HD mode, and 60 FPS in SD mode
  • The Action Shot HD also offers a still photo mode with 5 megapixel resolution
  • Included is a 2GB microSD card, but the camera can support up to a 32GB microSD card
  • A LiPo (Lithium Ion Polymer) rechargeable battery offers 2-4 hours of operation (includes USB charger)
  • To view your photos and videos, connect the camera to your computer using the USB connector, and download the videos and images or use the detachable video viewer accessory
  • Compatible with mac and windows editing software

The Exclusive Woot Bundle Includes:

- Detachable Video Viewer

  • Watch your saved videos on the fly
  • No extra batteries required

- Waterproof Case

  • Water Proof up to 10 feet / 3 meters
  • Click & Grip™ easy attachment to Action Shot HD & Action Shot Mounting hardware

- Deluxe Mounting Kit includes:

  • Strap and Mounting Unit - for a POV helmet cam shot (fits most helmets)
  • Hinged Flat Mount for low angle Skate, Surf & Snow Board shots
  • Handlebar Mount for BMX & Moto Bikes
  • Multiple, Strong Grip Adhesive Pads
  • Drawstring Storage Pouch to store everything
*Action Shot Camera has been optimized for outdoor & daylight use. For best results indoors use in well lit areas

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Action Shot HD Camera
HD Video Resolution: 1280 x 720P
Frame Rate:  - 30 FPS (HD)
 - 60 FPS (SD)
Still Photo Resolution: 5 MP
Recording Capacity:
(on included 2GB card)
 - 10 mins (HD)
 - 20 mins (SD)
Shooting Modes:  - HD mode (1280 x 720)
 - VGA mode (640 x 480)
 - QVGA mode (320 x 240)
 - Still image mode (2592 x 1944)
 - Timelapse mode (shoots still image every 2 secs)
Battery: Rechargeable LiPo 500mAh 3.7V (USB charger included)
Record Time: 2-4 Hours
Water Proof Case Depth: 10 ft

In the Box:

Jakks Pacific HD Action Cam Woot Exclusive Bundle - 63946 includes:

  • (1) Action Shot HD Camera
  • (1) Video Viewer
  • (1) 2GB microSD card
  • (1) Water Proof Case
  • (1) Click & Grip Protective Case
  • (1) Helmet Mount + Secure Strap
  • (1) Bike Mount
  • (1) Fully Positionable Board Mount
  • (1) Adhesive Flat Mount
  • (1) Mini-USB to USB charger/connector
  • (1) Carrying pouch
  • (1) Action Shot HD instruction manual
  • (1) Video viewer instruction manual

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