The Science of Star Wars

We all have one. The crazy uncle who brings us the awesomest gifts and also gets a little bit tipsy sometimes. But never mind that. Maybe his name isn't Milton, or maybe you just call him "Miltie" instead. Either way, he's totally the coolest for getting you neat stuff your mom would never think of getting you.
Uncle Milton Star Wars Science official site

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About Uncle Milton Star Wars Science

Here's the secret. All kids know that learning can actually be kinda fun. But no kids will ever admit it because then you'll start buying them books about the economy and maybe even a "Learn to be an Tax Advisor" kit. And no one needs that. I SAID NO ONE, DAD. Anyway, if you can somehow always wrap up learning and cool stuff about space into one handy little package, you'll be a shoe-in for parent of the year.
Uncle Milton Star Wars Science official site