Star Wars Tins Strike Back

Without George Lucas, nobody would have cared about Glen Larson, and we'd have no original Battlestar Galactica. Without the original Battlestar Galactica, we'd have no remake of Battlestar Galactica. Get the picture? Even if you're serious about "dark" sci-fi, you still owe George a debt.
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About The Tin Box Company

In 1952, Daher LTD made tin boxes in England. In 1980, The Tin Box Company made tin boxes in Hong Kong. Since 1998, they've been specialized in nothing but tin from China, with the popular characters kids and former kids love. Consider these boxes a good way to transport lunch and a better way to make friends. These days, even the toughest construction workers are gonna know what Star Wars is, right?
The Tin Box Company official site