Schleich Collectibles!

You know what your house is lacking? Dragons. Dinosaurs. Knights to fight the dragons and dinosaurs. Admit it, your life would be much more interesting if every room in your house featured a knight trying to impale a T-Rex or slay a dragon. And, you're on Woot, so your life definitely needs to be more interesting. Let us help.

Ends on January 11 at 9AM CT

About Schleich

They make knights, dragons, soldiers, and dinosaurs. And cars. Obviously they're about as cool as anybody could ever be; all they're really missing in Spider-Man and Indiana Jones, but hey, they need something to release next year, right? As long as they're still around next year. Like, if they make enough profits THIS year... like, if people on Woot bought a whole bunch of their awesome collectibles...