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You're probably a fine parent, but let's face it; you couldn't create a high-quality educational wooden toy to save your life. And god knows you've tried. But where you've failed time and again, Melissa and Doug have succeeded. So put down the chisel and sliding bevel, and let the professionals do the work. Your kids deserve better than this.
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About Melissa & Doug

When one thinks of the 1980s, one thing comes to mind: plastic. But that all changed in 1988 when free-thinking innovators Melissa and Doug ignited the Wood Revolution. Envisioning a future where every human want and desire would be fulfilled exclusively through the use solid plant matter, they quickly got to work. While their intentions were noble, their absolutist approach lead to such unfortunate ventures as the Wooden Car and the DendroType Personal Computer. Realizing they had flown too close to the sun, Melissa and Doug decided to focus their energies on educational toys exclusively, which they continue to make to this day.
Melissa & Doug official site