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Carty Favors

For some crazy reason "The Man" forces us to answer to "The System" every year. But we'll show 'em, right? Because once you load stuff into your cart, "The Man" can't say nothin'! Woo-hoo! Take that, "Powers-That-Be"! If that is your real name…

Shipping Note: Too Late for Christmas


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I got all excited to possibly get a woot light. Denied.


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Ummm, the Mars on My Room is a dollar cheaper on Amazon.


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drberna wrote:Ummm, the Mars on My Room is a dollar cheaper on Amazon.

Those buzzards must have just lowered the price then because even camelcamelcamel still shows it higher.

We can't keep pace with the fluctuating prices, especially this time of year.

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