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Boys & Girls Character Sleepwear

Many children dream of being a superhero. It's hard not to, considering that being a superhero means you're super! But then we realize that being granted superpowers is more challenging than comic books and television lead us to believe. However, it doesn't mean kids can't dress like superheroes! And if they want to, we've got the sleepwear to do so. And then some.


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Eh. Same price or more than Target, looks like same polyester quality. Easier to get it locally instead of paying for shipping and waiting a couple of weeks. $8 or so would be a deal.


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"Super Squad"? Are the Avengers trying to fly under the radar?


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Where does Woot shop for PJ's? They say those on their page were regular $32.00! Their sale price is higher than what I can buy them from at JC Penny's and I thought they were too high there. Woot's going to have to find some better bargain hunters if I'm going to be able to buy from them