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What is Kids & Toys?

A discussion of chainsaws, vanilla, and the Wild West.

Kids.Woot sells stuff for kids. By "stuff" we mean everything from car seats to apparel to educational toys & games to non-educational toys & games – all the accoutrements that make your little bundle of joy so damn expensive. By "kids" we mean anybody from 0 to 99, obviously skewed toward the lower end. If you're 100 or older, beat it. We don't want your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


I get the "kids" part of Kids.Woot, but what does the "Woot" part mean?
It means that Kids.Woot is part of a group of sites that started with Woot, a brash e-tailing upstart, in 2004. Since then, it's expanded to sites specializing in various product areas, of which Kids.Woot is the cutest. The main Woot FAQ is the place to look for more about Woot, including the same purchasing, warranty, ordering, and returns policies that apply here.
Ah, so a dot-woot store where my kids can shop and play, a bright orange creamsicle Woot wonderland? Where do I drop them off?
No, no. Exploiting underage shoppers is one innovation we'd rather not claim. Kids.Woot is an 18-and-up joint, intended for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches, friends, and other grownups who have reason to buy stuff for children. (Or for inner children.) While we may look all bright orange and cheerful, we're still part of the scary, scary Internet. Especially that button up there that says "Community". That's like the Wild West of every dot-woot site – your kids shouldn't go there, or even know it exists. There are many other corporate entities standing by to help train your toddlers to tweeners to be good little consumers. We're grateful to just have you in our clutches.
Why did Woot get into the kid business?
To give you an excuse to keep wooting after the baby comes along. To provide useful, high-quality kid accessories and still leave you money for the occasional Happy Meal. And most of all, to give us parental wooters a place to chill without the petty, self-centered drama that non-parents are so caught up in. Oh, you don't know which iPod case will impress that girl at the vegan bakery? Yeah, get back to us when you've had to deal with a diaper full of diarrhea at three in the morning, or when you've had a colicky baby howling at you for six straight hours.
What?!? You consider today's product a kids' item? I'd never buy that for my newborn/toddler/pre-teen/inner child!
Oops, sorry – that chainsaw and whiskey bundle was supposed to go on Wine.Woot. We realize that people have strong ideas about what's appropriate for their kid, and that they might have differences with us on occasion. The good news is, nobody is forced to buy anything from Kids.Woot. We'll be clear about the intended age category for each item, and we'll always choose products with an eye toward safety, utility, and fun. We intend to explore a wide range of items with the general qualifier that kids might like them. As with all dot-woots, we can't please everyone with every offering – in fact, failing to please, say, 98% of our audience is a good day's work around here.
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