Time-Out Pad

by Wootbot

Time-Out Sittin’ Blues

The Kid in Black

I’m here where momma put me
Just sitting on this pad
She says she’s “disappointed” but
She means that I’ve been bad
I’ve been stuck on this Time-Out pad
For several minutes now

If there’s some way to rig the timer
Well, I can’t figure how

When I was only three years old
About six months ago
I asked my mom if I could paint my room
And she said “no”
But I got a magic marker
Just to have a try

I thought the Time-Out I got that time
Might last through junior high

I bet my sister’s playing
With my stuff while I’m gone
She’s probably dressing Hulk in Barbie’s
Strapless pink chiffon
But I know that I can’t stop her
Until my Time-Out’s through

It’s not fair the way they treat me
But whatchagonnado?

Well, when they let me off this Time-Out pad
And set me free to run
I bet I’ll be more careful how I
Choose to have my fun
I don’t want to end up sittin’
Right back in this same spot

So the next time I make mischief
I’ll see I don’t get caught


Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


  • Timer allows different ‘time-out’ durations for different ages (1-5 minutes)
  • Alarm alerts parent should the child leave the pad
  • Simple traffic light system shows stage of ‘time-out’ sequence
  • Easy to reset (begin countdown again/restart from time of leaving
  • Works on any flat surface e.g. bottom of stair or floor
  • Child ‘tamper-proof’ controls
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (Not Included)

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In the box:

  • Time-Out Pad
  • Instruction Manual