Stur Water Enhancer 6-Pack

by wootbot

Not An April Fool's, It's All True, Honest

To fully understand how delicious the Stur Water Enhancer actually tastes, we gave it to the only critics with nothing to lose: the children of our staff members. The result? Click on through and read!

Just like our brand new Tools & Garden Site is designed to help turn your house into a paradise, so too is Stur Water Enhancer designed to turn water into flavored water, with an all natural stevia sweetener that bypasses sugar completely. Not to mention the seven essential vitamins hidden away behind the three delicious fruit flavors. But do kids like the taste? That was the question we had to pose ourselves. And the answer... may shock you.

HOUR ONE opened with all the children of the staff gathered in the parking lot. To be fair about the test, children were told they were going to the circus, then told the circus was cancelled just before the test began. They were SO disappointed, and that meant the Stur Water Enhancer had to win them back.

HOUR TWO saw the kids given big glasses of Stur Water Enhancer. One bottle makes 10 8oz. drinks, so there was plenty to go around. Children responded positively, with comments like "Mmm!" and "Don't think this makes up for lying to me about the circus, Mother." It seemed the real fruit extracts really made that water taste like something sweeter!

HOUR FOUR found the children beginning to bargain. A four year old asks: "If I have a good day and am nice to my friends... can I have more of that pink juice?" A thirteen year old tries to hide a bottle under his jacket and sneak back to the car and scowls when caught. A ten year old offers to rat out what an eight year old said if she can get another glass of the Orange Mango flavor. The group begins to take sides. Every Stur Water Enhancer lover for themselves.

HOUR NINE sees everyone growing restless. Not to go home, but to find out where the Stur Water Enhancer has been hidden. An offer of plain water is refused. The twelve year olds gather behind a shed and begin to plot. A Nintendo DS is disassembled to become a tracking device. Cataput blueprints are visible.

HOUR ELEVEN begins with a sunset raid on the storage cabinet. Adults are corralled with strangely sophisticated techniques. Grasses have been woven into handcuffs and a small cage is constructed. The older children build a bonfire and begin to chant. A conch shell is produced to represent the tribe's leader. One adult refuses to reveal the location of the Stur Water Enhancer. He is never seen again.

HOUR THIRTEEN and the adults have no choice but to meet the children's demands. The Stur Water Enhancer is shared. There is a small election and a committee is formed to draw up a new constitutions for this small society of fruit flavor worshipers. The road out of Woot HQ is blocked with logs and the logs are set afire. Phone lines are cut. There is no escape.

As you can see from these findings, kids go crazy for the great taste of Stur Water Enhancer! Don't delay! Buy some now!