Record-A-Story Books

by wootbot

What Child Is This?

It's not just the story they read. It's the voice that can read it to them.

Michelle saw the Record-A-Story Books lying on the pile of gifts to be wrapped. The note read "This one's for Dakody from me, sis!" in Todd's handwriting. Something told her that she probably ought to listen before she wrapped it.

"Okay, now, I can record each page- no, hang on, I can record each spread, I guess, probably a few seconds in each-"

"Hey, kid, this is your dad. I think I got this right this time. Says I can do a total of 96 seconds but it's weird because I can't get the timing down so-"

"Well, I've been trying to erase it, but I guess I got it locked somehow. Probably should have read the instructions but I figured I'd have some more of that egg nog and now I'm thinking that-"

"Aw, Dakody, I don't know what to say here. You know I love you, even if I ain't always the best dad, and I wanted to get you this book so you'd know how I felt, and maybe you could listen whenever you feel like-"

"I was gonna say whenever you feel sad, but I guess I don't know how this dang thing works. Man, this whole gift idea's just gone down the tubes. It was supposed to be a dignified message you could hold onto and-"

"Listen, when you get this, come find me, okay? You're the smart one in this family, and you'll figure out how it works, then I can make you a real recording instead of whatever this is. I mostly wanted to-"

"I sure wish you were hear to show me how I'm supposed to use this thing. It's a great idea, I just can't figure out how I've gotta do all this in order to make-"

"Aw, I wasted all that recording time for nothing. I just wanted to say I love you, son. I guess that's all I've ever wanted to say. That and Merry Christ-"

Michelle closed the book and reached for the wrapping paper. She already knew that this was a gift her nephew was going to treasure for years.