Premium Spirit Outdoor Shoes - 8 Colors

by wootbot

Woof Woof

WARNING: do not attempt to wear actual dogs on your feet. Only Premium Dawgs Shoes can offer comfort and no yapping.

Your child loves small and furry animals. But your child needs to know that they can't walk on a Chihuahua the way Godzilla walks on Tokyo. Chihuahuas are cute, and Tokyo's not! Sure, it's a pretty enough city, but no one would ever call it cute.

Not to mention, if your kid went walking around Tokyo wearing a Chihuahua on their feet, they'd probably get arrested! And remember, Tokyo police aren't like U.S. police at all. That kid would get ten years, easy. Imagine trying to get them to soccer practice if they were in jail for chihuahua cruelty!

So, instead, buy your child shoes. Attractive shoes. Lightweight shoes. Shoes that can accommodate many different widths thanks to a VELCRO strap. Shoes that at no time have ever been anything close to a Chihuahua.

It's best your child learn early that small dogs aren't shoes. But sometimes, just sometimes, shoes might be small Dawgs.