Little Jumper Trampoline

by wootbot

Life's Little Ups And Downs

Life is like a trampoline: sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, and sometimes you just can't predict what's coming.

Michelle saw the Little Jumper Trampoline. Michelle saw Amanda. Michelle could almost feel the headache coming on.

Tim had picked out the Little Jumper Trampoline especially for Ella over the summer, knowing that it was perfect for kids two and up who weighed under 80 pounds. Ella had regularly held the three-piece foam padded handle and bounced under Tim's "supervision" while he watched football with Alex. Of course, Ella survived.

But Michelle had forgotten the Little Jumper Trampoline was sitting in the family room. So, when she'd agreed to watch Mackenzie, she'd done nothing to keep it out of Amanda's sight. Now there just wasn't time to hide that Little Jumper Trampoline. Michelle decided she would just have to deal with the lecture. It's not safe! she imagined Amanda saying. What are you trying to do to my baby!

There was the bell. Michelle sighed, then put on a big smile.

"Hello, Mackenzie! Hello, Amanda!"

Mackenzie walked slowly into the house, and naturally, picked the most awkward thing to focus on.

"Is that a trampoline?"

Michelle braced herself- and- nothing? Amanda just stroked Mackenzie's hair and agreed.

"It is, Mackenzie! Maybe you'll get to play with it while I'm gone!"

Michelle's mouth actually opened. "Amanda! You're not nervous about this Little Jumper Trampoline?"

Amanda shrugged. "Why should I be? I only worry about things that are unsafe! Don't tell me YOU'RE scared of the Little Jumper Trampoline, Michelle? Honestly, it's well made mesh and a sturdy metal frame, as long as someone's as light as Mackenzie. There's nothing dangerous about it! I never thought I'd see the day, Michelle, when YOU were finally scared of something."

"I'm not scared!" Michelle blurted out. Amanda didn't seem to believe her.

"Just do me a favor, okay? Try not to project on to my little girl. I don't want her to grow up terrified of trampolines. I'll be back around five. Thank you!"

Michelle's mouth opened again. "Okay!" she called after her friend. "And if you see the real Amanda, send her back, please!"