KidKraft Toy Boxes

by wootbot

Hope Chest

Toy chests are great for storing all the extra clutter in your room, including annoying baby brothers. 

Mackenzie had heard her grandmother talking about a hope chest once. You put pictures or letters or other little trinkets inside to represent the dreams you hope will come true one day.

Which is exactly why, at this very moment, Gavin was tucked safely away inside her KidKraft Toy Box. Mackenzie wasn't sure exactly how long it would take for him to disappear and for things to go back to the way they were before he was born, but she was willing to ride it out.

She grabbed one of her favorite books and stretched out on top of the toy box, which doubled as a bench. Gavin was a particularly easy-going baby, so he didn't make so much as a peep. As far as she could tell, he didn't even try to push open the flip-top lid from the inside. But every so often, she'd hear him giggling and see a little hand poke out from one of the handle slots on the sides.

After what seemed like an eternity in kid time (but was actually only about 10 minutes), Mackenzie realized she hadn't heard a giggle for awhile. She threw down her book and hopped down off the bunch, excited that the magical hope chest trick had actually worked. But when she opened the lid to peek inside, you know, just to make sure, she found Gavin sound asleep and snuggled up with one of her old blankies.

"Hmmm. Guess it needs to cook a little longer," she said aloud before hopping back up and opening her book again.