KidKraft Rocking Chair- 3 Colors

by wootbot

Family Resemblance

You're never too young to act like you're a sassy old woman with an attitude problem.

People have always said that boy is an old soul, that he is wise beyond his years. But I honestly didn't see it until we got him his very own rocking chair.

Maybe it's the classic 2-slat design or the heirloom quality wood, but when he's rocking in that chair, knitting with those tiny knitting needles and wearing that little beard, he reminds me so much of his great grandmammy. She was such a handsome woman.

He's even got her spunk. Why, just the other day he was rocking and watching his stories (he's quite partial to reruns of Murder She Wrote) and he says to me, "Janice …" I've told him to call me "Mom" but he insists on calling me by my first name for some reason.

Anyway, he says to me, "Janice, when you gonna stop being such a sad sack and find yourself a man?" I just laughed and laughed. Kids, ya know?