Brainy Baby Learning Fun

by wootbot


Teaching is something we all can do! But with these flash cards, DVDs and books, you barely even need to be in the room!

"I'm grown up," whispered Mackenzie to her tiny brother Gavin. "I don't need these Brainy Baby sets. Not like YOU do. You dummy."

Gavin waved his feet in the air and said nothing.

"I already know what animals are," Mackenzie whispered smugly. "That's because I'm smart. I don't need to look at these cards or read these hard-backed books. See what this is? That's the color yellow. You've never seen the color yellow before, have you?"

Gavin said nothing, but by the way he chewed on his longest finger, Mackenzie was pretty sure she was correct.

"And this? This is a circle. You don't know it, though. You don't know anything. You're too stupid, and I'm smart. I'm the smart one. That's why Mom loves me more than you... and always will."

"Mackenzie!" said Amanda, peeking into the room. "Are you using that Brainy Baby set with your brother? That's so sweet of you!"

"Yes, mom!" answered Mackenzie, the perfect little angel. "I'm going to be a teacher when I grow up!"

But once Amanda was gone, Mackenzie glared at her little brother again. Gavin had no response, but Mackenzie knew: beneath the gentle facade, her little brother had been emotionally crushed.