Aveeno Organic Harvest Set

by wootbot

Little Helper

This set is organic, tear-free and non-greasy, which is a good thing if your baby has an overenthusiastic older sibling. 

Mommy said until I can be a more responsible big sister around Gavin, I don't get to be alone with him anymore. So I got this baby doll to show her that I can be a good big sister.

Baby doll was hungry so I fed baby doll all my favorite foods: hot dogs, peanut butter and jalapeno peppers. Baby doll must not have liked it very much though because it threw it all up and peanut butter got all over.

So I decided to give baby doll a bath. I filled up the tub and put in some of this Aveeno Baby Organic Harvest Wash. But baby doll was really dirty so I just used the whole bottle. It made lots of bubbles and baby doll must have been having fun because baby doll was playing hide and seek! I counted to 100 and said, "Come out, come out wherever you are!" but baby doll just stayed hiding in all those bubbles. It's a good thing the wash is tear-free, because there were bubbles all over baby doll's face and up baby doll's nose!

Once I got all the water squirted out of baby doll's mouth, I put some of the Aveeno lotion on baby doll. The lotion wasn't even greasy, so I used a lot more. I'm pretty sure babies are supposed to be really slippery after you put lotion on them. It was hard holding onto baby doll while I put on some of the diaper rash cream, but I only dropped baby doll twice!

Mommy puts the diapers up way too high on the shelf, so I just wrapped one of her scarves around baby doll instead. I showed her how soft and clean baby doll was, and I'm pretty sure she knows I can be a good big sister. Maybe she'll even let me wash Gavin next time!