Art 101 Portfolio Set

by wootbot


You know, an Art 101 Portfolio Set doesn't have to be used to create masterpieces. Every artist has their lesser works. Explore, kids. Explore.

This line, thought Jake, will be the Blue And Silver River, on which my empire will be founded. And with a stroke of the watercolor pencil, the map of his kingdom was begun.

Here, thought Jake as he drew a thick, dark line with the hardest of the drawing tips, here are the mountains that will form the Northern border. No invading force will dare to cross them, especially not after I draw in the venomous mountain tigers.

And here, Jake considered, as he used a lighter tipped pencil, are the fields from which my finest soldiers will rise, first learning the art of the wheat swords, then mastering the corn spears, then, finally, earning their fishing scimitars and helms of cheferry.

Jake turned the page of his art pad.

My kingdom, he thought, needs a square. Here is the statue of the river god, Posjakedon, to whom all citizens owe their very lives. And here is the statue of the dread Olvi-doom The Ugly, which the citizens tear down every morning and rebuilt, just so they can tear it down again. It's too hideous to look upon, so I'll represent it with a triangle with OTU written in it.

Jake looked up at his sister, watching TV across the room. She did not look back. Jake picked up the pencil again and made the triangle a little bigger. The people, he decided, will need to know the truth.