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Some Totally true facts about Ken Griffey Jr.:

Ken Griffey Jr. once hit a homerun that bounced off the foul pole and rocketed back towards home plate, where Ken Griffey Jr., having just finished rounding the bases, picked up his bat and hit it again for a second home-run.

Ken Griffey Jr. often caught fly balls in his mouth in order to rest his arms for batting. It was this practice that earned him his nickname: "The Spaniel."

Ken Griffey Jr. originally played second base, but was moved to center field because he thought all the base runners were actually just coming in for hugs.

Ken Griffey Jr. once popped a ball up so high that it didn't come down for several days. When it finally landed, there was a signature on it that wasn't there before. The name: "Ken Griffey Jr."

Ken Griffey Jr. could summon inclement weather with a series of blinks. He only did so on occasion, when he was feeling particularly tired and needed a rain delay to recharge.

Ken Griffey Jr carved his own bats, and sewed his own uniforms, and stitched together his own gloves, and grew his own organic baseballs.

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