ZOOB: Capital Letter Building Toys

ZOOBs are building, um, blocks? Let's just say building things, then. Anyway, you build with them, and then they move. Yeah, move. Try that with a bunch of bricks made from stone taken from a pit behind your house. What, you guys didn't live near a quarry?

Ends on August 5 at 9AM CT

About ZOOB

ZOOB says the following: "ZOOB is an award-winning building set with a difference—the pieces move after you put them together. So you can play with your creations, instead of just looking at them. Although we provide instructions and suggestions for models to build, we think the best part of playing with ZOOB is exploring, inventing, and discovering how you can build what you want to build (if you’d like to see what others have built, please visit the ZOOB Gallery)."