ZOLO Infant Toys: Zoo Only Live Once

The key to a child's happiness is a loving parent. The key to a loving parent is a distracted child. The key to a distracted child is an awesome Zolo toy. The key to an awesome Zolo toy is Kids.Woot. The key to Kids.Woot is good looking, smart, sexy Wooters like you. Yeah, I'm talking to you, specifically. The one with the credit card.

Ends on January 10 at 9AM CT

About Zolo

YOLO is a recent craze, and incurably stupid. Zolo is a toy company, and not stupid at all, curably or otherwise. They rhyme, but otherwise have basically nothing in common. That idiot Drake is one of the prime propagators of the stupid YOLO craze, but it by law not allowed within 600 yards of the Zolo factory.