XOLO Mismatched Shoes for Kids & Mom

It would be nice to be able to look fondly on my first pair of shoes. To see bright colors and patterns and think, "Wow. I was pretty hip then." But nope. First shoes I remember were saddle shoes, black and white monsters. Moms think kids love 'em, but they don't. THEY DON'T. Try these instead, please.
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Ends on May 23 at 9AM CT

About XOLO

XOLO is the brainchild of Pam Val, owner of Pam Grace Creations. But while these shoes and bags are totally rad, I just can't get past the word "brainchild." It really oogs me out. Whenever I see it, I immediately get a mental picture of a human brain with a little person growing out of the side of it like a sort of demented conjoined twin. Gross me out gross.
XOLO official site