Toy Chests

Don't think of it as a gift, think of it as self preservation. Every toy in that chest is a toy that isn't on the floor between you and the bathroom at 4 AM, inadvertently lying in wait like some kind of Home Alone-esque trap, and you the unway Joe Pesci of your own home. Much better to have those weap- toys safely stashed.
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About Levels of Discovery

Level 1: Noticing the existence of a thing, concept, or presence.
Level 2: Reacting to that existence with appropriate levels of joy, confusion, or mind numbing terror.
Level 3: Investigating that thing, using at least one, and ideally all five, senses. Also brains.
Level 4: Having an opinion about that thing.
Level 5: Having that opinion corrected by Wikipedia.
Levels of Discovery official site