Tonka Trucks

If you've never had the pleasure of eating buffalo jerky, don't. I use the term "eat" loosely, as your jaw will explode before you've masticated it enough to swallow. Too bad the Native Americans didn't have Tonka trucks back in the day. Or real trucks for that matter. Then they could have just driven to 7-11 for a Little Debbie instead.
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About Funrise Toys

You may have never heard of Funrise Toys, but we bet you've heard of some of their adventurous and innovative toys, like Lil' Cupcake, What A Doll, and of course, Tonka. I think we all know who the bread winner is here, but we'd never say it right to My Little Pony's face, because we don't want to hurt its feelings.
Funrise Toys official site