The Spy Who Mobi'd

Get your kid ready for a life of super secret spy missions with technological gadgets cleverly disguised as adorable toys! Exposing your little 007 to rubber ducky tub thermometers and hippo nite lites early on means he'll be a trained killing machine adept in the art of espionage in no time!
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About Mobi Technologies

Mobi wants to enhance your life. That's their mission statement. But there's more. Come in close so I can whisper. I can't risk them finding out I told you this. You ready for the truth? Mobi doesn't just want to enhance your life. Mobi wants to :::THOOO::: Is there a blowdart sticking out of my neck right now? I'm pretty sure I just got hit with a  :::THUNK:::
Mobi Technologies official site