Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu is like a smarter, classier building block, only it also bolsters the Honduran economy. To be fair, it also helps the U.S. economy too. Possibly also the British economy. We don't really know how banking works any more. But we do love these Tegu blocks!
Tegu official site

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About Tegu

Of all the toy companies that single-handedly improve the quality of life, the standard of employment, and the economy of Honduras, Tegu is certainly the best (and, let's be honest, only). Made in Honduras, in independently owned facilities geared towards empowering their workers and the nation they work in, Tegu is basically the heroic Bizarro version of ... well, pretty much every other factory south of Texas or so. Basically, Tegu's awesome, and they're better people than I am, so I'm not making jokes at their expense (in this sentence, at least).
Tegu official site