Spiderman Scooters & Safety Stuff

It's hard explaining to your kid that they can be anything they want to be but then tell them that they have to wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads because they aren't a superhero and never will be. But that's the life a parents, isn't it? Love, affection and hypocrisy.

Ends on March 21 at 9AM CT

About Spiderman

SPOILER ALERT! His real name is Peter Parker. He's a loveable nerd who gets the girl. Sometimes. And sometimes not. Depends on which comic books you read. Or whose theatrical version you watch. We can't recommend you ever see the Broadway production, however, because we heard that totally sucked. Just like all of U2's albums after Achtung Baby. Oh who are we kidding ... Joshua Tree. Sexy Boots? Really? No. Absolutely not.