Sheer Art Attack

You don't want to put the Picasso over the toy box. But you also don't want some cheap paper on the wall! That's where iCanvas coughs and waves you over. They're talking real, quality canvas, to be displayed right away! All the class, none of the stress. That's right, stress. Have you never been to an opening? Honey, the drama's just murder.
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Ends on August 27 at 9AM CT

About iCanvas

A passion for art. It drives some people to agony. Others to ecstasy. And still others to just throw their hands up and walk away, muttering about the whole "modern art" scene and how they don't understand any of it. That's where iCanvas comes in. They've selected images both classic and modern, perfect for a child's room! Save the challenging Matthew Barney stuff for college, right?
iCanvas official site