Playskool, Not Work

If you've got a kid, you know that means shopping, stress, probably some crying unless you lucked into one of the good ones ... or, skip all that crap, and snag some nifty Playschool swag now, and laugh as the rest of the soccer moms and dads bludgeon each other in an attempt to win a baby's favor.

Ends on January 14 at 9AM CT

About Playskool

While clearly not great at "skool," they're pretty awesome at the "play" side of the equation. Our talented boys and girls at Playskool skipped out on that there fancy book learnin' to play with lawn darts and wood burning kits. And after somehow surviving the toys of the 60s and 70s, they emerged wiser, and perfectly equipped to design and sell toys that both don't suck, and don't kill you. Those are pretty much the top two things on any "Toys should-." list.