P'Kolino: Art Stuff For Kids

Comic books? Start with art. Video games? That sprite is art. Movies? Storyboarded via art. Basketball plays? Sketched out on a notebook via the power of art. Tic Tac Toe? Still need art. Teach your child to enjoy art and there's nothing they can't do. Including diagram double negatives.

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About Your Child's Room

Here's what will happen to your kids furniture. 1) Stickers. 2) Drawings. 3) Food. 4) Some weird stain that no one will ever be able to explain or identify. You want to give them a mahogany heirloom? Sure, give it a shot. But the smart thing to do is just give them kid furniture and be done with it. That way, they can sell the heirlooms for cash when they grow up!