OGLO Sports Balls: Mad Ballin

Winter is here. The days are shorter. The nights are longer. The sky is darker. The end times are probably not upon us, though that isn't relevant right now. What is relevant is that you're going to need a way to have fun in the dark while staying warm and that can only mean one thing... glow in the dark sports!
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Ends on January 10 at 9AM CT

About OGLO Balls

For starters, they glow in the dark. This has a number of obvious uses, from illumination to night time gaming to pretending to be superheroes and shooting ball-shaped lasers at each other. Plus, they're almost definitely made with some kind of terrifying radioactive material, so if you eat one, you might actually become a laserball-shooting superhero... or get really sick... or die...or maybe just crap neon for a few weeks.
OGLO official site