Neat-Oh Storage & Backpacks

We've got it! Here's a solution to your kid leaving toys all over the place: make their toy storage just as much of a toy as their actual toys. That way they don't even bother to take their toys out, which means less tripping over action figures for you and less choking on toy cars for your puppy. How's that for an invention? What now, Edison?
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About Neat-Oh

Neat-Oh started when a boy named Max couldn't get enough toys. He loved his toys, and one day during his daily philosophical meditations, he asked, "Why must boxes be so boring? Why can they not also be toys?" It was a good questions, and his musings paid off, as his mother joined forces with him, and they started making these fun storage devices that in some cases are just as much of a toy as the toys themselves.
Neat-Oh official site