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Fun. Education. Mortal enemies. But, much like Batman and the Joker, every once in a blue moon they team up to take on a greater foe. This is one of those times. For the purposes of this metaphor, the greater foe is ... let's say boredom. And Bat-fun and Edu-Joker (go with it) are here to save the day!

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About Uncle Milton

All Uncle Milton wants is for the kids to have fun. He's basically Gepetto, only without a terrifying robo-son. He's a toymaker who will do literally anything to make your snot-nosed little munchkins smile. Remote controlled snake? Done. Star Wars licensed toys? Milton's on the phone to George Lucas Disney making it happen. Toys that educate and entertain? Well, it's supposed to be impossible, but Uncle Milton eats impossible for breakfast and craps out fun.