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A little basic math for you. Science + Trauma = Supervillain. Supervillain = Riches. Science + Fun = Superscientist Superhero. Superhero > Supervillain. What I'm getting at is that if your kid plays with these, he's going to be smart and powerful one way or the other. Worst case scenario he robs Fort Knox, and you get a Mercedes.
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Sure, maybe he doesn't do much but make toys now, but back in the 1940s, your Uncle Milton was a two-fisted masked Nazi-puncher. And both of those fists were SCIENCE! His jabs had perfect chemistry, his hooks the solid foundation of the mightiest geology, and his uppercuts blessed with the power of physics! If you wanna be a tank-tossing, dame-kissing, Hitler-kicking adventurer like Uncle Milton, you gotta get started sciencing early. Lucky for you, Milton made that process fun.
Uncle Milton official site