Marshmallow Shooters

What’s better than Cowboys & Indians? Cowboys & Indians & Marshmallows. Cops & Robbers is nothing compared to Cops & Robbers & Marshmallows. No matter how much fun it is to shoot your friends (it is!), it’s even more fun with marshmallows. Plus those who are slow on the draw can gobble till they're thick ‘round the hips.
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Ends on December 3 at 9AM CT

About Marshmallow Fun Company

They’re a marshmallow company specializing in fun, which is a lot like being a gun company specializing in violence; you’re already kinda there. They’re also a gun company, so really their specialty is fun violence, which starts off awesome and gets even more awesome when you realize that it’s fun, safe, and delicious violence. Like going on a gummi bear safari.
Marshmallow Fun Company official site