Lap Desks: Lap Top Love

Every kid needs a desk, but every kid needs to go places where there are no desks. We’ve got a way to ensure your kid never goes deskless. And, kids being kids, we’ve included a coaster to keep his computer dry, and a light to keep him up late on schoolni—I mean, to help him read during power outages.

Ends on December 3 at 9AM CT

About Lap Desks

For centuries, man has cheerfully used desks for writing, for napping, even occasionally for kindling. But for centuries, one issue has plagued him: he wanted that desk on his lap, and it was just too big. Luckily for man, we put our smartest desk guys on it (what, you don’t have desk guys?) and they’ve finally engineered these tiny, comfortable, and illuminating lap desks. You’re welcome, man.