K'nex MarioKart aka THE BEST THING EVER

If you're a gamer worth a damn, you know why these characters are important. Even if all you play is God Of War and Call Of Duty, you STILL know why. So why not get them for a kid you know, a person you love, or yourself? Or to put it another way, IRL LOLS K?
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Ends on October 17 at 10AM CT

About K'NEX

K'NEX has been working for quite some time to make cool building toys but this pretty much surpasses them all. Until they make some kind of dinosaur pizza delivery spaceman, you're looking at the top of the building toy heap. Don't forget to check out the special features if you've ever cared about owning a POW! blockā€¦ and who among us can say they haven't?
K'NEX official site