K'nex Amusement Park

Who doesn't love rides? Only THE WEAK UPON WHOM WE WILL ONE DAY FEAST okay, okay, deep breath, maybe rides aren't for everyone. But even those who'd rather sit at home can enjoy building them, right? Plus that just means THEY'RE NOT IN FRONT OF US IN LINE AAA NEED ROLLER COASTERS GET OUT OF THE WAY
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Ends on November 27 at 9AM CT

About K'Nex

Do you want to build it? K'Nex wants to help. They're unquestionably educational, but who freakin' CARES? So is reading the dictionary, and no kid wants to spend their Saturday doing THAT! The glory of K'Nex is that they make stuff that's fun to build with, and that's what kids are after. End of freakin' story.
K'Nex official site